Laurel Valley Whitewater Endurance Run


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The Laurel Valley Whitewater Endurance run was the brainchild of Claude Sinclair.
For 20-years Claude was the race director and is now retired from directing this event.

In 2015 we attempted to permit this race with the 5 entities controlling access between the Laurel Valley Trailhead and Upper Whitewater falls so the race could continue to be held.

This event is a historical and significant event to the ultrarunning community. Our intent was to hold it as a fully permitted, sanctioned and insured annual event to protect the land, the runners and permittee.

Attempts to permit this event were not successful.

Reasons cited for denying the permit were:
1.) Lack of adequate safety in a remote backcountry area
2.) A running event is not a compatible use of the Foothills Trail
3.) Lack of ability to monitor racers for emergency situations
4.) Failure to obtain endorsements from adjacent land managers

We apologize we’re not able to continue to hold this event and want to thank Claude and all the runners who have attended and supported the event over the many years it was held. If you have any additional questions about the event or questions regarding our inability to permit the event please contact us.